Samuel L. Jackson nabs Cinematheque nod

Annual award recognizes dedicated entertainment artists

Samuel L. Jackson will receive the 23rd American Cinematheque Award on Dec. 1 at the Beverly Hilton's International Ballroom in Beverly Hills.

"Samuel L. Jackson is a professional's movie star," American Cinematheque board chairman Rick Nicita said of the actor whose credits include "Pulp Fiction" and the three "Star Wars" prequels. "The obvious talent and commitment that he brings to each role has resulted in what is arguably the highest total boxoffice gross of any actor in movie history."

The annual award recognizes an artist in the entertainment industry "who is fully engaged in his or her work and is committed to making a significant contribution to the art of the motion picture."

The tribute, which benefits the Cinematheque, will be broadcast by AMC on Dec. 9 and will be executive produced by Paul Flattery and Barbara Smith and produced by Irene Crinita

Jackson, who made a cameo appearance this summer in "Iron Man," is on screen in "Lakeview Terrace." His upcoming films include "Soul Men" and "The Spirit."