Samuel L. Jackson Rains Furious Insults (and Cash) on James Corden in "Drop the Mic" Battle

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Samuel L. Jackson

The 'Late Late Show' host was no match for the 68-year-old actor, who might want to pick up a rapping career.

In case you haven't noticed it from his more than 100 movies, Samuel L. Jackson is not a man to be trifled with. The snake-hating box-office legend got in the ring with The Late Late Show host James Corden on Monday night for the latest edition of "Drop the Mic," and let's just say he rained down great vengeance and furious rhymes on his rival.

Corden gave it a solid try, opening with the couplet: "It's another 'Drop the Mic' where I end up an abuser to prove the 'L' in Samuel L. Jackson stands for loser/ You've been in almost 100 movies that's insane, but for every Hateful Eight there's a Snakes on a Plane/ He's the highest-grossing actor that's a fact/ That's how he buys all those damn Kangol hats." 

Jackson, 68, looked bemused, but then it was game on. "I feel bad for you son, 'cause I'm the real star/ No one knows who you are without Adele in a car/ It's amazing you're anonymous and overexposed and you look like a Minion in too-tight clothes," he ripped back as the crowd howled in delight. Corden, not one to be deterred, hit back with "Nice verse Sam but now you get torn apart/ Like I'm a velociraptor and this is Jurassic Park/  You've got fame from Pulp Fiction and other big hits/ But 90 percent of your IMDB page is shit." 

In the end, Jackson had the last word(s): "You got your ass kicked by a man twice your age/ Now get this motherfucking hack off this motherfucking stage!," tossing a pile of cash at Corden to seal his victory.

Watch the whole battle below.

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