Samuel L. Jackson's Olympics Twitter Play-by-Play Highlights Weekend

FILM: Samuel L. Jackson
Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds (CAA, Sloane Offer), Paul Giamatti (UTA, Kipperman) and Samuel L. Jackson (ICM, Anonymous, Jackoway Tyerman) have joined as voices in "Turbo," a feature from DreamWorks Animation that's set to bow on July 19, 2013.


The "Avengers" star got into the spirit of the games -- and did a bit of trash talking -- during a number of prime time events.

Give Samuel L. Jackson the gold medal in high-impact Tweeting.

The Oscar nominee has made headlines on the social network before, including calling out New York Times critic A.O. Scott for a negative Avengers review. Over the weekend, Jackson got into the competitive spirit again, but this time as a pure -- if manic -- observer of the London Olympics.

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One can imagine Jackson in front of a big screen TV, phone in hand, as he passionately watched handball, gymnastics, swimming and archery, among other events. He had no qualms about giving his opinions and talking some smack, raging that the US "got boned" in sync diving scoring, commenting on Michael Phelps' loss to Ryan Lochte, joining in the chorus of complaints over the China-manufactured American uniforms, and marveling at women weightlifters.

Jackson also publicly tussled with some fans who did not appreciate his commentary, offering up a few shots at their anatomy and intelligence.

On a weekend in which NBC took major heat for tape-delaying events for television (among other things), Jackson made sure that, even if people knew the games' outcomes, watching them along with his play-by-play was certainly worth the time.

Here is a complete look at all of Jackson's Olympic-focused tweets from the weekend, with a little bit of his smack talk thrown in for good measure. Some of the language may be NSFW.