Dwayne Johnson Rides Fire Truck to 'San Andreas' Premiere

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Dwayne Johnson

The cast stressed the film's important message during the world premiere in Hollywood.

When a fire truck made it's way down Hollywood Boulevard Tuesday night to the San Andreas premiere, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson emerged from the truck, wind blowing from a helicopter hovering above.

The entrance at the TLC Chinese Theater was fitting for Johnson, as the helicopter resembled the one his character, Ray, uses as an LAFD search and rescue pilot. The film, co-starring Paul Giamatti and Alexandra Daddario, pays tribute to real word heroes as Ray journeys to protect his daughter and estranged wife during the magnitude 9-plus earthquake triggered by the infamous San Andreas fault.

Johnson expressed that what's important is the film's message that high magnitude earthquakes similar to the 1994 Northridge disaster and the recent Nepal tragedy can always be right around the corner.

"I thought as a family we were prepared," Johnson told reporters. "I thought as a man I was prepared. I thought I knew about earthquakes and science and facts. It wasn't until I made the movie and spent time with the scientists and seismologists that I understand on a greater level now just how powerful Mother Nature is. We are 100 years overdue, so the best thing we can do is live and be as prepared as possible."

USGS Seismologist Lucy Jones was on hand for the premiere and admitted the action in the film is a little exaggerated, but said that a high-magnitude earthquake could hit California.

"The level of damage is exaggerated," said Jones. "That's what it's supposed to be, but we have the potential to collapse high rises. Especially some of the older buildings in the LA area. That's actually why the mayor has taken on his big seismic resilience plan—because the earthquake is inevitable, but the damage is not."

Daddario, who plays Johnson's daughter in the film, said she was able to learn plenty from both working with Johnson and playing a character struggling through a dangerous earthquake aftermath.

"I think I have become a stronger person in a way," said Daddario. "Through the whole process, I found that you can be vulnerable and have weaknesses and be strong at the same time. It was a challenging experience, and I think that only makes you stronger. "

The film boasts a booming score as well, composed by Andrew Lockington, who said that he incorporated sound waves from the actual San Andreas fault.

"A year ago, over the month of May, we got access to the U.S. Geological Seismic data specifically for the San Andreas fault," Lockington told The Hollywood Reporter. We recorded all of those readings and use them to manipulate them and turn them into sound waves. They are used in the score. "

Following the 3D screening, the cast and crew hit the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel to mingle over food and drinks at the afterparty.

San Andreas hits theaters on May 29.

Alexandra Daddario by Eric Charbonneau/Invision for Warner Bros./AP Images


Warner Bros.' Kevin Tsujihara, Dwayne Johnson, Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti and Warner Bros' Sue Kroll by Eric Charbonneau/Invision for Warner Bros./AP Images



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