Ellen DeGeneres, Incubus Singer Mock San Diego Fireworks Fiasco (Video)

The planned 20-minute display was set off all at once, prompting the talk show host to tweet the event sounded “like my kind of show… a big opening, and everyone’s in bed by 8:30.”

San Diego’s Fourth of July fireworks event went off with a bang. Unfortunately, that bang happened all at once, with the complete arsenal in the planned 20-minute spectacle erupting in just 15 seconds.

Now being blamed on a computer glitch, the fiasco has exploded online, and many stars have taken note as well. Here is a sampling of the notable reactions to San Diego’s fireworks display:

Ellen DeGeneres: “The San Diego fireworks last night sound like my kind of show… a big opening, and everyone’s in bed by 8:30.”

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Incubus singer Brandon Boyd got somewhat suggestive with his take: "I swear this has never happened before." “@instagram: Photo: San Diego's 15 mins of fireworks all go off at once http://instagram.com/p/Ms95lZqijj/

The Office’s B.J. Novak tweeted: “Obsessed with this San Diego fireworks thing. Can't get over how promising it must have seemed!”

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model (and fiancé toJohn Legend) Christine Teigen went old school with her taunt: "hahahahhaah San Diego accidentally set off all the fireworks in their annual show ALL AT ONCE. lasted seconds. Wa-waaaaaa.”

Musician Jordan Witzigreuter of The Ready Set apparently doesn’t want to rock and roll all night: “Wish I could have seen that San Diego fireworks show last night. 9 seconds of party.”

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Watch video of San Diego’s ill-fated fireworks show below.

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