San Seb reveals more competition titles

Seven more films added to those competing for Golden Shell

MADRID -- Seven more films have been added to the list of those in competition for the top prize, the Golden Shell, at this year's San Sebastian International Film Festival with entries by such directors as John Sayles, Naomi Kawase and Peter Mullan, organizers announced Wednesday.

Sayles, a festival favorite, is to present the U.S.-- Filipino production "Amigo", an historical drama about the American occupation of the Philippines following the ouster of Spanish colonizers.

A treatise on birth, life and death is the subject of Kawase's "Genpin" from Japan while Mullan's film, the British-French-Italian production "Neds", is a coming-of-age drama about a Scottish delinquent.

Norwegian Brent Hamer will unspool "Home for Christmas", a collection of stories connected by the common theme of love and Victoria Galadi will be making her debut at the fest with "Mount Bayo", an Argentine production about changes in a family after the matriarch attempts suicide.

Two other directors taking a shot at the Golden Shell will be Raul Ruiz with his Portuguese-French production "Mysteries of Lisbon", a tale of intrigue based on a famous 19th century novel, and Daouad Aoulad-Syad's Moroccan-French film "The Mosque", about the effects of a film crew's presence on a small Moroccan village.

These films are to join four Spanish productions in the competition which was announced last week by the organizers of the festival which takes place in the northern Spanish seaside resort Sept. 17-25.
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