San Sebastian to Honor Jacques Becker

CTK via IƱaki Pardo

The festival will showcase all of the French director's work in September.

French director Jacques Becker is set to be honored with a retrospective of his work at the 64th San Sebastian International Film Festival, organizers announced Wednesday.

Becker, who was born and died in Paris (1906-1960), made 13 feature films in a relatively short period of time between 1942 and 1960, including such titles as Golden Helmet, Hands Off the Loot and prison escape classic The Hole, earning him a spot as "one of the essential names of the evolution of French cinema," according to the fest.

Although he never made social cinema in the strict sense of the word, Becker defined himself as a Communist and worked as an assistant to Jean Renoir on 1937's Grand Illusion, a key influence in his work.

The retrospective, which being organized by the festival in collaboration with the Spanish Film Archive, will showcase all of Becker’s feature films, half of which were never commercially released in Spain. To complete the sidebar, a book will be published about the helmer, supervised by Quim Casas.

The San Sebastian Film Festival is set to run Sept. 16-24 in Spain’s northern Basque region.