Sandra Bernhard Reveals Flirtatious Arnold Schwarzenegger Encounter

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The comedienne takes a swipe at Kathy Griffin, whom she says "borrowed a little bit" from her early act.

Sandra Bernhard was not surprised when news broke that Arnold Schwarzenegger had fathered a child out of wedlock. In fact, what amazed her about the revelation was that it took Maria Shriver so long to find out.

Bernhard tells Popeater, "I love Maria Shriver. All these years it's been, what is she thinking? It's the Kennedy tragedy. Just to keep it going."

The stand-up comedian and Roseanne regular says Schwarzenegger has always had his eye on women, as she experienced first-hand, "In the '70s when I moved to L.A. I was on the beach by Gold's Gym. I was young, skinny as a stick, staring at the ocean, dreaming of the future and Arnold came up to me and he was hitting on me. I don't date Germans so nothing happened."

While Schwarzenegger parlayed his body-building into an action movie career and then politics, Bernhard was hitting the road as a stand-up, making a reputation as a no-holds-barred personality. Bernhard remarks that this generation's similarly straightforward lady comics like Chelsea Handler and Kathy Griffin took cues from their predecessors but haven't refined their acts, "I like Chelsea. She's more of a personality. I think Kathy studied me in the early days. She borrowed a little bit. I like to keep it a little more intellectual. I just don't like to take it down to the obvious. It's not me. I was raised on sophistication."

Bernhard's latest comedy album, I Love Being Me, Don't You?, will be released June 7th. It was recorded live at San Francisco's Castro Theater in Oct. 2010. She put out the comedy album Everything Bad & Beautiful in 2007 through Breaking Records.

Tour dates include a June 5 appearance in Amagansett, NY and a June 7 date in Norfolk, Conn.

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