Sandra Bullock: 5 Things You Didn't Know About the Actress

Sandra Bullock Women in Film - H 2015
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Sandra Bullock Women in Film - H 2015

And they might surprise you.

Sandra Bullock is widely known as one of Hollywood's top actresses, starring in countless films including Speed, Miss Congeniality, Gravity and The Blind Side, for which she scored a best actress Oscar.

But beyond her recognition as a dark-haired actress who stars in both the comedic and drama film genres, The Hollywood Reporter looks at five facts you probably didn't know about Bullock.

Scar Next to Left Eye

Bullock received the small, vertical scar next to her left eye as a child, according to her IMDb biography. When she was an adolescent, Bullock fell into a lake and hit her head on a rock, causing the skin next to her left eye to scar.

Speaks German Fluently

The actress grew up with a German, opera-singing mother, Helga Bullock. She spent 12 years of her childhood living in Germany and speaking the language. Up until the age of 18, the actress held dual citizenship and reapplied for a German passport in 2009, according to German news website The Local. "It would be wonderful if my sister and I could succeed. It is something my mother wished for her children," Bullock said.

Oscar and Razzie Award in Same Year

Bullock made history as the only actress to win both awards in the same year. She scored the best actress Oscar for her leading role in The Blind Side and the worst actress Razzie for All About Steve in 2010.

Highest Paid Actress

Following her starring role in the drama Gravity opposite George Clooney, which scored her a 2014 best actress Oscar nom, Bullock topped the list of highest-earning actresses in Hollywood. She earned $20 million up front and more than $70 million overall for Gravity.

Adopted Son Louis From Louisiana

In 2010, after news surfaced that her ex-husband Jesse James had been unfaithful to her, Bullock proceeded in adopting her son, Louis Bardot Bullock, from New Orleans, La. as a single parent. Bullock said last month in an interview that her son "has no idea what an Oscar is. … He's not seen it, doesn't know what it is. … He doesn't know what I do. I just go to work."