Sandra Bullock Teases Oscar Outfit: A Tiara, Rhinestones and Feathers (Video)

Sandra Bullock and Alfonso Cuaron on "CBS This Morning."

The actress also joked with "CBS This Morning" about how she was "excited" to play a woman in "Gravity."

Best actress nominee Sandra Bullock has some glamorous plans for her Oscar ensemble, including lots of sparkle and some feathers.

Bullock joked about her gown for the Academy Awards during an appearance on Tuesday's CBS This Morning with Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron.

When asked what she's going to wear to the show, Bullock said, "I'm gonna belt something in the closet. Just rhinestone it a little bit, and a little tiara of some kind, and some feathers."

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Bullock is known for her stunning red-carpet fashions, so it's a safe bet she's joking.

The actress also cracked wise about her role in Gravity, responding to a question about why she was right for the role by joking that she was cheap.

She also joked that she was excited her character was a woman.

When co-host Norah O'Donnell asked Bullock if she liked that her character in Gravity was a woman, the actress responded, "That helps me a lot. I can do a lot. I have a lot of masculine traits, and I feel I could do a man pretty well."

"I mean asking you to play a woman was …" O'Donnell continued, with Bullock adding, "Was rare, but I was excited to try it!"

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In all seriousness, though, Bullock said she was shocked that the lead role was written for a woman and that it was written without any "girlie" moments, which didn't really have a place in the film.

Bullock was also candid about the roles she's done in the past, saying that it hasn't entirely been about her choosing certain parts like her roles in Gravity and The Blind Side, for which she won an Oscar, but also about which roles she's offered.

"I think the opportunities that I was awarded -- and when I said awarded, everyone thinks, 'Why are you taking the roles you take?' Well guess what? You get what you get," she said. "You can fight for so many things, but the opportunities that I had were not in line with films like this. Films like the smaller films I did that I loved so much, or The Blind Side, so the fact that I was able to shift midstream in a career that I was very lucky to have what I had, but I no longer had anything to add or I had no interest in anymore."

Gravity is tied with American Hustle for a leading 10 Oscar nominations, including best actress and best director nods for Bullock and Cuaron. The film is also nominated for best picture.

Watch Bullock and Cuaron's full interview with CBS This Morning below.