Sandra Bullock's Son Doesn't Know What an Oscar Is: "I Just Go to Work"

AP Images/Invision

The Oscar-winning actress stars in the new 'Minions' film — one of her son's favorite film franchises.

Sandra Bullock has been nominated for two Oscars and five Golden Globes and has scored a win for each, but her five-year-old son, Louis, has no idea that his mother is an actress.

At the Minions London premiere, Bullock, who stars in the animated film as Scarlett Overkill, said her son doesn't know his mother is in one of his favorite film franchises.

"Louis has no idea that I'm in this film," the 50-year-old actress told ET Online. "He won't put two and two together  at least not anytime soon. If he does, I'll be shocked. The kid surprises me all the time."

Bullock said that Louis watched Despicable Me "over and over again." "That was the first introduction, then came Despicable Me 2," Bullock continued. "That was another 300 views."

When asked if Louis is aware that his mother is an Oscar-winner, Bullock replied: "He has no idea what an Oscar is ... He's not seen it, doesn't know what it is ... He doesn't know what I do. I just go to work."