Sandra Lee Reveals Breast-Cancer Diagnosis on 'GMA'

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Sandra Lee

The TV chef, who's dating New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, is set to have a double mastectomy.

Food Network star Sandra Lee revealed on Tuesday's Good Morning America that she's been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The TV chef, who's dating New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, added that she had a lumpectomy and is set to have a double mastectomy.

Lee said she was shocked by the news, getting a call from her doctor while she was doing a photo shoot.

"And I walked off the set, and 20 minutes later my doctor called and told me I had breast cancer," she said, her voice trembling and eyes welling up as she recalled learning of her diagnosis. "I didn't even cry, I was stunned … You know, and that's just how fast life turns. It turns on a dime."

Doctors did catch the cancer early, the host of Food Network's Semi-Homemade Cooking and Sandra's Restaurant Remakes added. But after she had the lumpectomy, her radiologist told her she would have daily radiation for six to eight weeks, and doctors recommended she have a mastectomy.

"And so I said, 'OK. If I'm going to have a mastectomy, am I supposed to just get one done?' Both the radiologist and the doctor said, 'You're a ticking time bomb.' And they both said, 'You need — I would just get them both done,' " Lee said.

Cuomo, Lee said, has been "extremely supportive" and will be in the operating room with her.

She also urged women, even those in their twenties, to get mammograms instead of waiting until the recommended ages of 40 or 50 to start regular screenings like the one that discovered her cancer.

"They say that there is an incredible amount of women in their twenties and thirties being diagnosed, and they're telling these girls to wait until they're 50. I don't know who in good conscience could even do that," she said. "I'm 48 years old. I've got — I've got a couple years till 50. ... If I would have waited, I probably wouldn't even be sitting here."

She added: "Girls in twenties and their thirties just have to know. And I don't want women to wait. And that's why I'm talking. … If it saves one person, and makes one more person go get a mammogram, and if they're sitting down right now watching this, don't watch this TV. Go pick your phone up, and call your doctor and get your rear end in there and get a mammogram right now."

The intense interview was taped Friday but aired on Tuesday.

Watch Lee's full sit-down with Robin Roberts below.

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