Santa Barbara Shooting Suspect's Father: 'We Didn't See This Coming at All' (Video)

Peter Roger Interview with ABC News - H 2014

Peter Roger Interview with ABC News - H 2014

UPDATED: In a preview of Barbara Walters' interview with Elliot Rodger's father, Peter, he describes the "reverse nightmare situation" he's currently living in as he wakes up every morning to the pain and suffering his son caused.

In his first interview, the father of Santa Barbara shooting suspect Elliot Rodger says he can’t believe and couldn’t have predicted that his son would kill six people and himself.

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“There’s no way that I thought that this boy could hurt a flea. This is the most unbelievable thing, Barbara, that I don’t get, is that we didn’t see this coming at all,” Peter Rodger said in a preview of his sit-down with Barbara Walters that aired on Thursday’s Good Morning America.

Rodger, a second-unit director on The Hunger Games, seemed composed during the one-minute clip but was more animated and seemed frustrated when describing how his son’s behavior surprised him.

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He said he feels like he’s living in a “reverse nightmare,” explaining that while you might normally wake up from a bad dream to find that everything’s OK, when he wakes up, he slowly remembers what happened.

“I go to sleep. I wake up. And I think of those young men and young women who died and were injured and were terrorized, and my son did that,” Rodger said. “My son caused so much pain and suffering for so many families.”

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ABC News posted another clip from Walters' interview to Facebook later on Thursday. In that segment Walters asked if Rodger knew his son was sick, to which he says he didn't and wasn't aware of what was going on with his son psychologically.

"This is the American horror story — or the world’s horror story — when you have somebody who on the outside is one thing and on the inside something completely different and you don’t see it," Rodger said.

Watch both clips below.

Walters’ full interview with Rodger airs Friday on a special edition of 20/20.

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