Santa Monica Airport to Close Down in 2028

Screengrab/Courtesy of Work Zone Cam

A park will replace the general aviation airport, city officials told the Los Angeles Times on Saturday.

Santa Monica Airport is set to close down in 2028, the Los Angeles Times reported Saturday.

City officials told the Times the general aviation airport, which covers 227 acres of land, would be replaced by a park among "other developments."

On Saturday, the Federal Aviation Administration announced that it had reached a settlement agreement to "resolve longstanding litigation over the future of Santa Monica Airport" with the city. 

The agreement ensures that the airport will remain open and operating until Dec. 31, 2028. The city "has the right to close the airport" thereafter.

"Mutual cooperation between the FAA and the city enabled us to reach this innovative solution, which resolves longstanding legal and regulatory disputes," a statement from FAA administrator Michael Huerta reads. "This is a fair resolution for all concerned because it strikes an appropriate balance between the public's interest in making local decisions about land use practices and its interests in safe and efficient aviation services."

Stars and industry titans have long frequented the Santa Monica Airport, which has been deemed "unsafe" by city residents for years, according to the Times.

In 2015, Harrison Ford was hospitalized following a plane crash that occurred shortly after the actor departed from Santa Monica Airport. His vintage World War II plane experienced engine failure and crash-landed in the nearby Penmar Golf Course.