Santa Monica Daycare Closes After Infant Contracts Measles

Disease baby illo - H 2014
Illustration by: John Gall

Disease baby illo - H 2014

Fourteen infants are under a 21-day at-home advisory as a result of the diagnosed baby.

A daycare center at Santa Monica High School has been shut down and the parents of enrolled infants have been asked to keep their children at home after a baby who was enrolled at the center was diagnosed with measles, a Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District official said on Monday.

Gail Pinsker, a spokeswoman for the school district, said that the diagnosed child is under a year old and unvaccinated.

"Parents of all 14 infants in the center have been contacted by the Los Angeles Department of Public Health and asked to keep their infants home and not in public for 21 days," Pinsker told The Hollywood Reporter. "They have not called this a quarantine, as has been reported in other media. However, the recommendation is strong."

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The "toddler room," which has another 12 children enrolled, is closed through Feb. 5 but is "tentatively reopening on Friday to families who provide a proof of protection form against measles from their pediatrician," Pinsker said. "This can be determined by a blood test."

The center serves the teachers, staff, some community members and three students at Santa Monica High School. A Santa Monica High School baseball coach was diagnosed with measles in January, but Pinsker assures that there is no correlation between the two cases.

As of Monday, the California Department of Public Health said that 92 measles cases are confirmed in the state and no deaths have been reported.

So far this yeah more than 100 people nationwide have been infected with measles, a high percentage of which have been traced back to an outbreak at Disneyland in December.