Santa Monica Shooting: 5 New Developments

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New information is emerging about how the gunman got his weapons, a fifth victim dies and other news following Friday's tragedy.

New details are emerging about how the gunman in the Santa Monica shootings may have gotten ahold of the weapons he used.

That is just one of several developments since Friday's tragedy, which left five people and the gunman dead.

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Police say the gunman killed his father and brother in their home before taking the carnage out to the street, where he hijacked a car and fired at police and bystanders. He eventually made his way to Santa Monica College where he was killed by police in the school's library.

Among the latest news:

1. The gunman is identified.

Law enforcement officials told the Los Angeles Times that John Zawahri, whose 24th birthday was Saturday, was the suspect in the case. Sources said Zawahri, who had previously dealt with mental health issues, had been upset by his parents’ divorce, which police are considering a possible motive for the shootings. Authorities added he had a connection to Santa Monica College as recently as 2010, and they believed the shooting spree was premeditated. ABC News reported that the gunman was wearing all black clothing and a load-bearing vest.

2. Authorities confirm Zawahri's father and brother as two of the victims.

Law enforcement officials confirmed over the weekend that two of the gunman's victims were Zawahri’s father, Samir, 55, and brother, Christopher, 24. They were found dead in a burning house less than 20 blocks away from the Santa Monica College campus.

3. Investigators are probing how Zawahri got the weapons.

A federal law enforcement source told the Los Angeles Times on Monday that one of the firearms, which was described as a "black powder handgun," is an "old-time gun" that may have been in his family for some time. The other weapon is said to be a semi-automatic rifle. "We’ve been at his house, going through his computer, too," said the source. On Saturday, police said the suspect had 1,300 rounds of ammunition with him during the attack.

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4. A fifth victim dies.

Marcela Franco, 26, died of her injuries at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, according to Santa Monica College spokeswoman Tricia Ramos. Franco had been a passenger in a Ford Explorer driven by her father, campus employee Carlos Navarro Franco, 68, who also was killed in the attack.

5. A rock group is forced to postpone a show.

British rockers The Boxer Rebellion were forced to postpone their Los Angeles show Friday after their gear was locked down in KCRW's studio. They were to play at the Avalon in Hollywood but were forced to reschedule the show for Sunday, the band said in a tweet.