Hollywood Reacts to Santa Monica Shooting Rampage

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Mia Farrow and Piers Morgan use the incident to call for stricter gun laws, while Lena Dunham tweets a touching message to the students of Santa Monica College.

Members of the media and entertainment industry are speaking out about the shooting rampage in Santa Monica Friday in which four victims were killed.

Police say a gunman killed his father and brother in their home before taking the carnage out to the street, where he hijacked a car and fired at police and bystanders. The gunman eventually made his way to Santa Monica College where he was killed by police in the school's library.

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Mia Farrow and CNN's Piers Morgan used the incident to call for an assault weapons ban, while Girls creator Lena Dunham tweeted her condolences to the students of Santa Monica College: "School should be a shelter for you. Take everything you're learning and let's change all this."

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