Santa Monica Shooting: How the Cable Networks Covered It (Video)

Santa Monica College SWAT Team - H 2013
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Santa Monica College SWAT Team - H 2013

CNN's Anderson Cooper and Fox News' Shepard Smith anchor coverage featuring interviews with witnesses of the attack.

Cable networks broke in to cover a shooting spree in Santa Monica Friday, in which four people were killed as well as the gunman police say carried out the attack.

The gunman, dressed in black, allegedly killed his father and brother at a residence that was found in flames. He went on to carjack a woman and wound another before making his way to Santa Monica College. He opened fire on a city bus, a police car and bystanders on the way.

Police shot and killed the suspect in the the Santa Monica College Library.

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On CNN, Anderson Cooper spoke by phone with Joe Orcutt, a man who said he was fired upon by the gunman.

“He panned his gun – trained it on me – and I just jumped behind the building,” Orcutt said on Anderson Cooper 360. “He shot at me and I heard the bullets whiz by my head.”

Cooper pressed him for more information about shooter, asking what he looked like and if he said anything.

“He just looked like he was standing there posing for the cover of an ammo magazine. It was very bizarre. Very calm.”

Also on CNN, shooting witness Brett Holzhauer said he was at school when he heard shots fired. He ran into a nearby classroom to warn his fellow students of the situation. When police arrived, they were made to leave the building on their hands and knees.

“I saw hundreds and hundreds of rounds of spilt ammunition of all different types,” Holzhauer said of exiting the building. “Directly to the left, the entire doorway of the Santa Monica College library – it’s all glass – was shattered.” He added he saw “blood all over” the steps of the library.

On Fox News Channel, Shepard Smith spoke to correspondent Adam Housely, who reported from Santa Monica. Housely spoke to the neighbor of the alleged shooter, who said she saw the suspect outside occasionally doing yard work.

“She was shocked to see him walk out in his tactical gear,” Housely said, adding the suspect “didn't say anything” to the woman he shot in a car or to the other woman whose car he hijacked.

“He looked official. Like a SWAT team guy,” the neighbor said, explaining why the women in cars likely stopped for him.

Nicholas Porter, who said he saw multiple cars fired upon, told Fox News “it was totally shocking. It was a really surreal moment.

On MSNBC, Martin Bashir broke in with the news after one victim and the shooter were confirmed dead.

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