Santa Monica's $1M Happiness Survey Revealed

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The questions aim to help those in the beach enclave feel better

Santa Monica has found its million-dollar questions.

The beach enclave beat out 300 other U.S. cities for a $1 million Bloomberg Philanthropies' Mayors Challenge grant to study its own well-being. The city is using the funds to ascertain how much people in the town enjoy living in the city of 92,000 that enjoys easy access to the Pacific Ocean, a pier, an amusement park, mountains and waterfront public parks. 

In its fact-finding quest, the city hired the RAND Corporation on a $650,000 contract to commission a survey, a copy of which was obtained by The Hollywood Reporter.

The 32-question poll queries residents online borrowing tonally from doctor's-office visits, customer service follow-ups and job applications in open-ended questions asking residents to rate their levels of stress, sleep, activity and ... how many vegetables they ate. 

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Here are some examples:

"Below is a list of different kinds of activities that require particular skills or knowledge to do. For each one, indicate how confident you feel carrying out that activity on a scale of 1-7, where 1 means not confident at all and 7 means very confident. Using the internet to find reliable information, Cooking a meal from basic ingredients, Carrying out basic repair jobs around the home."

"To what extent are you bothered by noise in your neighborhood, including noise from neighbors, traffic, and air traffic?"

"How would you rate the following in Santa Monica? The availability of arts and cultural opportunities, such as theatres, museums, and music; The availability of social community events, such as festivals, farmers markets, parades, and street fairs; The availability of organized events where you can learn about or engage with the natural environment; Having a vibrant nightlife with restaurants, clubs, bars, etc."

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