Santiago Segura's 'Torrente 4: Lethal Crisis' Breaks Box-Office Record in Spain

The film received the widest release ever with 665 copies and the opening weekend marked the fourth-biggest opening of any movie.

MADRID -- Santiago Segura’s 3D Torrente 4: Lethal Crisis broke all-time box-office records for a Spanish film at the domestic box office, raking in 8.4 million euros ($11.6 million) in the opening weekend.

Warner Bros. released the film on an unprecedented 665 copies, the widest release ever for a Spanish film and one of the top five releases of any film in Spain.

The March 11-13 opening weekend for the fourth installment of the ever-popular Torrente series also ranks the fourth-biggest opening of any film in Spain ever.

“This is great for the Spanish industry,” Rentrak’s David Rodriguez explained, referring to the 10% drop in overall admissions at last year’s box office. “Any movement like this is positive, but the fact that it is a Spanish film at the domestic office is particularly noteworthy."

Only Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and The Da Vinci Code – both of which grossed $12.6 million in Spain — and Pirate of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest with $12.3 million outrank Segura’s sequel.

Produced by Amiguetes Ent., Antena 3 Films and Bowfinger Films Intl., Torrente is handled internationally by Filmsharks Intl. New Line holds an U.S. remake option, while Le Petite Reine holds the same for France. 

Like the previous three Torrente films, “Lethal Crisis” is written, directed and stars Segura as a satirically sexist, racist and homophobic lowlife cop.