Sara Foster and Sanaa Lathan Shut Down Rumors of Biting Beyonce: 'Y'all Are Funny'

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No, it wasn't Lena Dunham, either.

The Beyhive is determined to solve the whodunit mystery of the now-infamous Beyonce biter. After keeping it under wraps for a few months, Girls Trip star Tiffany Haddish told GQ the story of how she witnessed an anonymous actress take a bite at Beyonce's face at a party in December. As expected, Mrs. Carter played it cool, but Haddish — and an army of extremely loyal fans — are furious.

The Cut and Vulture both conducted investigations in attempts to expose the toothy culprit. Model turned 90210 star Sara Foster was one of the names in question. She quickly denied the accusations via her Instagram, on which she captioned a screenshot of an email requesting comment on the matter: "Flattering that anyone thinks I could get this close to Beyonce"


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Another suspect was Sanaa Lathan, best known for her role in Love & Basketball. She also shot down the rumors on her social media, tweeting that if she ever felt compelled to lay a tooth on Beyonce, "it wouldv'e been a love bite."

Fans weren't so quick to be convinced. Many of them responded with bee emojis as a proclamation of their alliance to Queen B. This case is yet to be cracked, but with countless Sherlocks in the Beyhive ready to serve justice, the offender may just be caught faster than you can say "lemonade."

And before you go there, no, it wasn't Lena Dunham, either. After her name began circulating among the other possible suspects (though there was no evidence to support the idea that she could have been the culprit), Dunham quickly shut down the rumors. The 31-year-old tweeted jokingly late Tuesday night that though it may not be so farfetched to imagine her pulling such a stunt, "I didn't." 

The mystery lives on.

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