Sarah Gadon, Malcolm McDowell Join 'Antiviral'

Caleb Landry Jones, Douglas Smith, Matt Watts and James Cade also star in the debut feature from Brandon Cronenberg, to shoot in Toronto.

TORONTO – Like father, like son: Brandon Cronenberg has cast Canadian actress Sarah Gadon in his debut feature Antiviral after his father, David Cronenberg, had her star in his two latest films, A Dangerous Method and Cosmopolis.

Gadon played a young wife to Carl Jung in A Dangerous Method, and then was wed to Robert Pattinson’s Eric Packer lead character in Cosmopolis.

Besides her collaborations with the Cronenbergs, Gadon has just completed work in Budapest on World Without End, the eight-part sequel to The Pillars of the Earth.

Antiviral, shooting in Toronto and Hamilton from November 7 to December 11, also stars Caleb Landry Jones, Malcolm McDowell, Douglas Smith, Matt Watts and James Cade.

The Canadian indie, written by Brandon Cronenberg, echoes his father’s more outrageous earlier sci-fi flicks by portraying an employee at a clinic that sells injections of live viruses harvested from sick celebrities to obsessed fans.

Toronto-based Rhombus Media is producing Antiviral, while Alliance Films will release the picture in Canada and in the UK, via its Momentum Pictures subsidiary.