Hollywood's 100 Favorite TV Shows: Sarah Hyland Dresses Up as 'I Dream of Jeannie' Character

"I loved her outfit and her positive attitude," the 'Modern Family' star says of Barbara Eden's 1960s genie.

Sarah Hyland is ready to grant some wishes.

The Modern Family star threw on her best crop top and pantaloons and posed as I Dream of Jeannie’s beloved title character for The Hollywood Reporter. Her onscreen brother Nolan Gould jumped in on the shoot, too, portraying Jeannie’s master-turned-husband Major Anthony Nelson (Larry Hagman).

Though only 24 years old, Hyland says she grew up watching the sitcom starring Barbara Eden. "I watched it every morning and just loved Jeannie so much," she said, noting that she specifically liked her outfit and positive attitude."

When asked what he’d wish for given the chance, Gould got clever. "Can I wish for another genie?" he asked. "I would try to find loopholes like that." Meanwhile, Hyland went a different direction. "I don’t want to be cheesy and say 'world peace' but I feel like you have to," she said.

"As a teenage boy who’s pretty irresponsible, I probably wouldn’t ask for world peace," joked Gould, who offered up another response. "I’d probably ask for, like, a yacht or something because that’s the way I am. I’m sorry but you can’t trust me with that power!"

Hyland then settled on the perfect balance of self-indulgence and altruism. "I’d ask for an endless supply of money so that I could ask for things like a yacht but could also donate to charities." Problem solved.

The photo was taken exclusively for THR's list of Hollywood's 100 Favorite TV Shows, with the Modern Family cast re-creating six shows that made the ranking. Other series the actors posed for were Breaking Bad, CheersMarried … With ChildrenFrasier and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

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