Sarah Hyland Talks Fall Fashion, Curly Hair and Her Anti-Bullying Tweet

Courtesy of Candies

The 'Modern Family' actress gets candid ahead of the launch of her third collection as the creative director of Candie's.

As the face of Candie's, the playful brand that's been a go-to for trendy tweens since it debuted those sexy, wood, high-heel slides in 1978, Sarah Hyland is in good company. Past ambassadors have included It girls Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, Fergie and Vanessa Hudgens.

But unlike her predecessors, Hyland is more than just the spokesmodel. The 26-year-old signed on as the creative director in 2016, too, working directly with the design team to come up with collections.

Ahead of the launch of her third collection for Candie's, available online and in Kohl's stores today, Hyland spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about her favorite fall fashions, as well as her recent return to her naturally curly hair texture and the warm responses she's received from fans after she posted an anti-bullying message regarding her weight to Twitter.

What are your fall essentials? Any favorite pieces? 
This collection has a lot of me in it — so it has a lot of cutouts, some of my favorite colors like cranberry and olive green and rose gold and dusty rose, things like that. Those are my favorite colors for fall, so all of the pieces are perfect for back to school or starting your new job and being a confident woman.

Some of my favorite articles are the leather jacket with embroidery on it — it’s perfect and goes with everything. The Audrey pant is an amazing piece that goes with everything as well. We have a lot of statement pieces in this collection that include choker necklines, and cutouts and cold shoulders. It’s the perfect amount of skin to be sexy and confident.

What would you wear for the first day in a new office?
The Audrey pant, as I said, is amazing. We also have blouses with beautiful prints, and I’d probably pair that with one of our blazers.

Are you into heavily accessorizing? Or are you more minimal?
I like to be simple in my accessories. In this collection, a lot of our pieces already have a statement aspect to it so you don’t need a lot of accessories. One of our dresses has a built-in choker, we have ruffles on things, and I think less is always more. You don’t have to over-accessorize or overthink it.


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Who is on your mood board for this collection? Any style icons you were thinking of?
I just kind of pull from my head and think of things that I personally like and that I would personally wear. That’s where we start.

It’s really a collaboration with the Candie's designers, whom I love. We start off with color palettes and top trends that we think will be popular for back to school season like ruffles and lace and cutouts and sequins, and then we go from there.

Any idea about what you’ll be wearing at the Emmys?
Not at all! I’m a fan of pockets, so if the dress has pockets I’m sold.

I’ve noticed that you’ve been wearing curls recently. Is that your natural texture?
Those are my natural curls. I don’t really know how to do my hair and since I haven’t been working recently, I guess I’ve gone au natural. I’ve got the 'fro out for the summer.


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Tips for keeping frizz at bay?
The best advice I can give is to use a diffuser right after you get out of the shower. That saves my hair. But also use a heat protectant spray. That way my hair doesn’t get super, super frizzy.

Overall, try and use as little heat as possible on your curls, and never brush your hair when it’s dry.

You tweeted a statement a couple of months ago about online bullying with regards to your weight, and how you’ve had a long-term illness that has put your weight out of your control. Have you received any reactions from fans?
A lot of fans reached out and were very appreciative of what I said. That was the only thing that really meant something to me. I wanted to give others confidence in themselves because I know sometimes it’s hard to find. I got a lot of feedback from women and men who are either going through chemo, or dialysis, or a bunch of things that have made them lose weight and they can’t gain it. I got a lot of people saying they gained a bunch of weight and they can’t lose it but it’s because of their health. But I completely understand and it was really nice to hear those stories so we could be there together as a community.