Sarah Jessica Parker, Amanda Seyfried, Dianna Agron Reveal Their Long Histories, Deep Friendships With Their Stylemakers (Video)

At THR's Beauty Issue photoshoot, three stylish stars were photographed with the artists who brought their hottest red carpet looks to life.

For The Hollywood Reporter’s Beauty Issue, the town’s top actresses who made waves with their hot red-carpet looks were photographed with the stylemakers who worked their magic to make that look a reality.

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During the shoot, Amanda Seyfried and hairstylist Jenny Cho, Sarah Jessica Parker and makeup artist Leslie Lopez and Dianna Agron and makeup artist Georgie Eisdell revealed how their working relationships began and why they’re more than just client and artist.

Parker, whose low-key glamour nabbed her the No. 17 spot on THR’s Top 25 Beauty Moments of 2012 list, says she met Lopez after inquiring who did another actress’ makeup. That was about eight years ago.

Seyfried’s Veronica Lake locks, which she paired with a bright red lips, were created by Cho for a Hollywood event in October. The stunning old Hollywood glamour look led to the No. 15 spot on THR’s list this year. The Les Miserables star and Cho met while at a photo shoot for Mamma Mia! more than four years ago.

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“I feel like I’ve known Amanda forever,” Cho told THR. “I know what she loves for breakfast. She loves her porridge.”

Glee star Agron was transformed into a grown-up goddess for the Met Ball on May 2 with the help of her makeup artist Eisdell. The glam look was the No. 19 spot on THR's list.

“Sometimes with people, it takes a long time for them to really understand what makes things open up and what doesn’t. I know with Georgie I really don’t have to say anything,” Agron said.

Watch THR’s behind-the-scenes video from the Beauty Issue photo shoot above and view the full list of THR’s Top Beauty Moments of 2012 here.