Sarah Jessica Parker Plays "Reindeer or Sex App" Game on 'Billy on the Street'

Courtesy of TruTV
Sarah Jessica Parker and Billy Eichner on 'Billy on the Street'

The host also expressed his anger over the scathing reviews of 'Sex and the City 2.'

Billy Eichner spent a few outrageous moments with Sarah Jessica Parker on a Manhattan sidewalk for two distinct purposes this week on Billy on the Street.

First, Eichner was compelled to express his anger at the scathing reviews of Sex and the City 2. Eichner shouted his disdain for the criticism of the 2010 film: "I never understood it, I swear, and it always made me so angry!"

Once that was off his chest, Eichner moved along to grilling Parker with a festive quiz called "Santa's Reindeer or Sex App?"

With Tinder and Grinder and Prancer and Vixen, Comet and OkCupid ... it's a jolly fine line these days between reindeer and romp.

Check out the full clip below to see how Parker fares on the quiz and the special prize she claims for her effort.