Sarah Michelle Gellar's Character Rants Her Way to Recovery in 'Veronika Decides to Die' Clip

In this scene from the film, currently in select theaters and on VOD, Veronika details everything she hates only to be told it sounds like she's feeling better.

Sarah Michelle Gellar's title character in Veronika Decides to Die is furious.

Confined to a mental hospital after a failed suicide attempt, Veronika rants about everything she hates. But when she finishes, her psychiatrist (David Thewlis) tells her it sounds like she might be feeling better.

The film, which was shot years ago but just got a U.S. release (in select theaters and on VOD) on Tuesday, follows Veronika's experience in the facility, where she's told she only has weeks to live.

In the video above, Veronika explains that she hates her psychiatrist (including his desk, tie and socks) before delving into more serious opinions, saying, "I hate the jerks in my office who think the money they earn makes them the shit. And more than anything, I hate the zombies on the subway, who have forgotten all of their dreams, or the fact that they ever had any to begin with."

"Doesn't it feel better to feel better?" he asks her.

Watch the clip to find out how she responds.

The movie co-stars Melissa Leo and Erika Christensen. It was directed by Emily Young and written by Larry Gross and Roberta Hanley.