Sarah Palin Agrees With Roger Ailes About Why She Was Rehired at Fox News

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Now that she's a media personality in addition to being in the political game, Sarah Palin no longer has to dress in particularly dignified clothes. Nor does she have to pay for them, apparently.

The former vice presidential nominee weighs in on a THR interview with the network chairman.

Sarah Palin agrees with Roger Ailes: she was rehired at Fox News to "piss off the people who wanted her dead."

The former GOP candidate for vice president weighed in Wednesday on a Q&A between The Hollywood Reporter and Ailes, the CEO and chairman of Fox News.

When asked by THR why he hired Palin back a few months after allowing her contract to expire, Ailes said: "The only two people I knew who got worse press than her were Richard Nixon and George W. Bush -- some of it unfairly, much of it unfair to her family … . I probably hired her back, if you really want to get to the bottom of it, to give her a chance to say her piece and piss off the people that wanted her dead."

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Palin took to her Facebook page Wednesday to second the notion: "Fox’s Roger Ailes says he hired me to ‘piss off the people that wanted her dead.’ Hmmm. Funny. I accepted for the same reason!"

Also, part of the Q&A published Wednesday at THR was discussion about an upcoming, unauthorized biography of Ailes by New York magazine contributing editor Gabriel Sherman. Ailes has publicly stated that he did not participate in the book. Palin briefly addressed that issue on her Facebook page, as well.

“With another book coming out about Roger Ailes and Fox News, stay tuned to find out what I really think about all this,” she wrote, while linking to an article at conservative site that favorably compares Fox News to MSNBC and CNN.