Sarah Palin Asks Why She Had to Stand in Heels for '08 VP Debate

sarah palin 2008 vice presidential debate - Getty - H 2016
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sarah palin 2008 vice presidential debate - Getty - H 2016

Meanwhile, this year as well as in past years, the (male) vp candidates were seated.

Eight years ago, Sarah Palin arrived at Washington University in Saint Louis wearing red heels and a skirt suit for the vice presidential debate against Joe Biden, where the pair stood at podiums for the duration of the historic 90-minute face-off, which resulted in the highest ratings of all time for a vp debate. But that's not why Palin decided to bring attention to the event. 

Following Tuesday's showdown between Gov. Mike Pence and Sen. Tim Kaine, Palin posted a photo collage on Facebook showing the seating arrangements (and lack thereof) from past vice presidential debates in 2000 (Dick Cheney vs. Joe Lieberman), 2004 (Dick Cheney vs. John Edwards), 2008 (Joe Biden vs. Palin), 2012 (Biden vs. Paul Ryan) and 2016 (Pence vs. Kaine). 

The glaring difference? Palin and Biden were made to stand for their debate, while all the other aforementioned male candidates were seated. There is no explanation for the arrangement, but it could be based on the venue — none of the other debates were held at Washington University in Saint Louis. It should be noted that vice presidential candidates in 1988 and 1992 were also made to stand. However, Palin's point does raise some eyebrows. 

"How is it that the dudes lucked out and got chairs over the last 20 years of vp debates minus one?" she wrote. "Want a real test — try standing in [heels] for 90 mins #heelsonglovesoff"

Touche, Palin. Touche