Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump

Sarah Palin Trump Rally - H 2016
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Sarah Palin Trump Rally - H 2016

The former governor of Alaska appeared with the mogul in Iowa and immediately took aim at her critics: "Media heads are spinnin', this is going to be so much fun!"

Sarah Palin has endorsed Donald Trump in this year's presidential race.

“I’m proud to endorse Donald J. Trump for president,” the former Republican vice presidential nominee said in a statement published on the mogul's campaign site Tuesday morning.

In response, Trump also gave a statement, saying, “I am greatly honored to receive Sarah’s endorsement. She is a friend, and a high-quality person whom I have great respect for. I am proud to have her support.”

On Tuesday afternoon, the former governor of Alaska then appeared with Trump at a rally in the Iowa State University campus in Ames, Iowa, where Trump introduced Palin as a “special, special person,” saying she is someone whom “I’ve respected for so long."

When Palin took the stage, she took aim directly at her critics.

“Mr. Trump you’re right, back there in the media box, heads are spinnin'," she opened. "Media heads are spinnin', this is going to be so much fun!”

Palin admitted that her endorsement is “kinda stirring it up a little” and proceeded to explain why she chose to support Trump over some of the other GOP candidates.

“I was warned left and right, ‘You are gonna get so clobbered in the press, you are gonna get beat up, just chewed up and spit out.’ And I’m thinking, ‘And?' Like you guys haven’t tried to do that every night since ’08! I’m still standin'.”

Palin continued, “So those of us who have kinda gone through the ringer, as Mr. Trump has, makes me respect you even more. That you’re here, putting efforts and relationships and your reputation on the line because you are ready to make America great again.

“I am here because like you, I know that it is now or never — I am in it to win it.”

Palin went on to tout Trump's assets as being from the private sector and someone who is ready to “bust up” the establishment and “kick ISIS ass!”

Earlier this week, Trump teased a "big announcement" with "a very special guest" on his social media accounts, and speculation quickly turned to Palin and an endorsement.

Over the summer, Trump said he would "love" to have Palin in his cabinet if he is elected president. "She really is somebody that knows what's happening," he said while speaking on The Palin Update on Mama Grizzly Radio, a station airing 24-hour news about Palin. "She's got a following that's unbelievable."

Palin's values appeal to conservative voters, she also has a reality-star background and she doesn't shy away from voicing her opinions on social media, like Trump. "One of things I most admire so much about her is that she took so much nonsense, lies, disgusting lies," the mogul continued on the radio show. "And she handles it so well."

In August, Palin publicly came to Trump's defense when a reporter asked the presidential candidate his favorite verse in the Bible. "The more the media does this, the more they empower America to reject them and their bias as voters run to the anti-status quo candidates daring to go rogue," Palin said.

Palin will also join Trump during his events in Norwalk, Iowa, and Tulsa, Okla., tomorrow.

Jan. 19, 4:17 p.m. Updated with quotes from Trump's rally Tuesday afternoon in Ames, Iowa.