Sarah Palin Angered Roger Ailes by Not Announcing Presidential Campaign Plans on Fox News (Report)

Roger Ailes Sarah Palin Split 2011
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Palin, a commentator on the cable news network, instead revealed that she wouldn't be running for the nation's highest office on Mark Levin's talk-radio show.

Sarah Palin upset her bosses at Fox News when she decided to announce her decision not to run for president on the cable news network, New York Magazine reported, citing anonymous sources.

The Fox News commentator -- and former reality star and governor of Alaska -- reportedly angered network chief Roger Ailes by choosing to announce her intentions on Mark Levin's talk-radio show Oct. 5. The reveal came after months of speculation about her plans and got a bit lost amid the news of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' death.

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Later that night, she gave a follow-up interview on Fox News' On the Record With Greta Van Susteren.

Ailes was reportedly so upset by Palin's handling of the announcement that he considered refusing to put her on the air again and letting the remainder of her $1 million contract expire in 2013.

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"I paid her for two years to make this announcement on my network," Ailes is said to have told Fox News executive vp Bill Shine at the time.

Shine then called Palin's reps, who discussed the matter with Palin, who then apologized.

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As for why she reached out to Levin to make her announcement rather than Fox News, Palin is said to be upset that Fox News regularly employs Karl Rove as a contributor. The two have a history of feuding with each other.

Meanwhile, the New York Magazine reports that Palin and Ailes' relationship is still tense, with Palin not providing the ratings boost he was expecting when he hired her.