Sarah Palin Mocks Katie Couric Over CBS Exit

She says the journalist must have been tired of "teleprompter screen storytelling."

Sarah Palin is mocking Katie Couric's decision to step down as anchor of CBS Evening News.

Couric announced her departure in a statement to People magazine Tuesday, saying that she is looking forward to a new position that will facilitate "multidimensional storytelling."

On Fox News on Tuesday, Palin shot back: "Yeah, and I hear that she wants to now engage in more 'multidimensional storytelling' versus I guess just the 'straight on, read into the, that teleprompter screen storytelling.' More power to her. I wish her well in her 'multidimensional storytelling.' "

Palin has had issues with Couric ever since she conducted a series of interviews with her during the run-up to the 2008 elections.

Couric caught Palin off-guard by asking a series of hard-hitting questions, including why Alaska's proximity to Russia gives Palin foreign-policy experience. When she asked Palin what newspapers and magazines she reads regularly, an uncomfortable Palin replied, "Um, all of them, any of them."

Palin later told Oprah Winfrey she believed Couric intended to paint her in a negative light. "She had just interviewed Joe Biden, and he had made mistakes, but those were dismissed," she said. "They were ignored, and she moved on to talk about very substantial issues, and I wish that I would have been given that."