Sarah Palin Supports Newt Gingrich (Video)

Jeff Fusco/Getty Images

In an almost-endorsement, the former vice presidential candidate says: "I'd vote for Newt."

Now that Sarah Palin is out of the presidential game, she's weighing in from the sidelines as a political commentator and pundit. And in an interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity, Palin revealed she thinks Newt Gingrich is the best candidate in the South Carolina primary's pool of GOP contenders.

"If I had to vote in South Carolina, in order to keep this thing going, I’d vote for Newt," Palin said Tuesday night. "And I would want this to continue -- more debates, more vetting of candidates, because we know the mistake made in our country four years ago was having a candidate that was not vetted to the degree that he should have been, so that we know who his associations and his pals represented and what went into his thinking.”

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The former vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor -- making clear reference to President Obama's 2008 victory over John McCain --  is not the only Palin to support Gingrich. According to ABC News, her husband, Todd, endorsed the ex-House speaker last week, citing his Washington experience.

In response to Palin's Hannity remarks, Gingrich tweeted: "Thanks @SarahPalinusa for throwing your support my way in the South Carolina primary.”

Watch a clip of Palin's non-endorsement endorsement below:

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