Sarah Palin Responds to Cher's Assertion She's a 'Dumb C-Word'

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Cher; Sarah Palin

The former Alaska governor and Fox News Channel contributor tells her 1 million Twitter followers to read her brother's open letter to the pop diva.

Cher called Sarah Palin a “dumb C word” last week, and on Wednesday the former Republican nominee for vice president responded by referring people to her brother’s Facebook page.

“Click the link below to read a fine response to Cher. And enjoy this pic of my brother Chuck’s beautiful wife and …,” Palin Tweeted. The link leads to her Facebook page where the message continues … “daughter. They paint a beautiful picture, and I’m thankful they know how to react to irrational rants. Thanks brother! See you at Thanksgiving dinner! Bring your skates.”

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The message ends with a link to the page of Palin’s brother, Chuck Heath Jr., who wrote a short, open letter to Cher: “I was sorry to hear that you tweeted out such vile comments about my little sister yesterday. It’s sad because Sarah has never had a harsh word to say about you. In fact, our grandmother was one of your biggest fans. Have a good night, Chuck.”

On Friday, Cher launched an attack on Palin by tweeting: “Go to the dictionary, & look up the ‘C’ word, … next 2 the definition … you’ll see a pic of Sarah Palin! No … wait … she’s under dumb C word.”

Cher got lots of commentary back through Twitter, some supportive and some not, and she later doubled down on her assessment of Palin and threw in conservative Tea Partiers, as well.

"Double my last twt & throw in the T-Jihadists,” she tweeted.