Sarah Palin Brings Back Controversial 'Reload' Line at Breitbart Tribute

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Speaking at the RightOnline Conference during a tribute to Andrew Breitbart, the former vp candidate accuses powerful journalists whose job is to cover the president of not even bothering to read his autobiography.

LAS VEGAS – Sarah Palin proved she's unafraid of using the sort of violent imagery that liberals chastised her for in the wake of the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords 18 months ago, using words words like "fight" and "reload" late Friday night in order to rally conservative bloggers in their war on the "lamestream media."

Palin slammed CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and other major news outlets for dereliction of duty by obsessing over her and her family members during her run for vice president while not bothering even to read then-Sen. Barack Obama’s autobiography.

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The "liberal media," for example, criticized her for eating moose but never mentioned that Obama wrote in his book that he ate dog meat, she said.

“Anybody here have a pet moose?” she asked 700 conservative bloggers, radio hosts and assorted activists at the RightOnline conference in Las Vegas.

"Stand your ground and others will stand with you. Courage inspires, and victory begets victory. So let's be bold and courageous," she told the cheering attendees. "We will defeat that Goliath of the old media that still seeks to decieve this most exceptional nation. So don't retreat -- reload and re-fight."

Palin recounted dozens of negative news stories that were reported about her and contrasted them with the allegedly more positive treatment Obama received from the press.


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“They couldn’t afford to send reporters to Chicago to research a candidate’s record because they spent all their money in Wasilla,” Alaska she said, where the press investigated all the tiniest details of her life, as well as those of her husband, Todd Palin, and their five children.

The media made a “big, darn deal” of Todd registering as an independent rather than a Republican, but “Todd sure as heck never registered as a socialist,” she said, referring to Obama’s involvement with the now-defunct New Party in the 1990s.

“According to news reports over the years, shoot, by now I should have been divorced how many times?” she asked. “And it’s still a great mystery who Trig Paxson Van Palin’s real mother is.”

She elicited sustained applause recounting how Matt Drudge – considered, along with Rush Limbaugh, a patron saint of new media by the RightOnline faithful – broke the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky story after Newsweek spiked it, she claimed, "11 times" in an effort to protect a Democrat president from scandal.

“Oh, how that old media cried foul and they howled. They denounced Drudge as irresponsible and unprofessional and even dangerous,” she said. “How dare he try to influence the national discourse.”

She ridiculed Chris Matthews for his infamous “thrill up my leg” comment while covering an Obama speech and called the bulk of journalists “masters of distraction” who refuse to cover stories that make the left look bad.

“I know that there are good reporters out there. I know all two of them,” she joked.

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Of the effort by liberal activists to target Limbaugh’s advertisers, she said: “These yahoos who are doing all that they can to try to get Rush to sit down and shut up, they’re making his point everyday with the double standards and the hypocrisy, and he just comes back stronger and stronger and more credible.”

Palin said the media's alleged bias against her and her family continues, and she recalled the advice that she gave Bristol Palin after her daughter was offered a spot on Dancing with the Stars.

Palin said her daughter told ABC: “I can’t dance and I’m not a star, but, sure, I’ll be on your show.”

“I said, ‘well, Bristol, oh my gosh, brace for criticism, you know, geez, you’re a Palin.”

“She said, ‘Exactly, mom. The haters are gonna hate, the critics are gonna criticize, so I might as well dance.’”

She implored the conservative bloggers in the audience not to get caught up in partisan politics and instead hold both parties accountable for their actions.

“Just tell the truth,” she said. “Don’t spin GOP failures the same way that the left does for President Obama.”

This is the fifth annual RightOnline, and Palin is the biggest name ever to address the conference. This year’s event was billed as a tribute to Andrew Breitbart, the conservative new-media maven who died in March. At one point, hundreds of attendees held up posters proclaiming, “Breitbart is here” and the Twitter hashtag reference, “#War.”

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"As we honor Andrew Breitbart," Palin said, "remember that the greatest gift that he left for us was his fearlessness."

The event also served as the premier for Occupy Unmasked, a documentary film starring Breitbart that is critical of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and clips from the doc film Hating Breitbart were also shown. Both films, trailers of which are below, are due out prior to the November presidential election.

In Occupy Unmasked, Breitbart takes MSNBC’s Dylan Rattigan and others to task for propping up the movement while ignoring drug use, rape and theft at protests. As for Hating Breitbart, some portions belittle personalities like Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, Wolf Blitzer and Rachel Maddow for the allegedly biased coverage of the Tea Party movement.

RightOnline runs through Saturday night at the Venetian, owned by billionaire Sheldon Adelson, a generous donor to the GOP. A Venetian executive who welcomed the assembled earned loud applause when he told them it's the only non-union hotel on the Las Vegas Strip and offers better benefits and pay than the others.