'Sarah Palin: You Betcha!' Trailer Debuts (Video)

The Nick Broomfield documentary premiered at the Toronto Film Festival on Sept. 11.

Sarah Palin will take the big screen once again, but this time for Nick Broomfield and Joan Churchill’s muckraking documentary.

TORONTO REVIEW: Sarah Palin -- You Betcha!

In Sarah Palin -- You Betcha!, Broomfield heads north to Wasilla, Alaska, to battle the winter weather and dig into the past of the polarizing former vice-presidential candidate. The filmmakers conduct interviews with Palin’s parents, Sally and Chuck Heath, as well as former friends and colleagues, who refer to Palin as “dangerous” and “a sociopath.”

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In THR film critic John DeFore’s review, he noted: “Fleshing out now-familiar tales of misconduct and bad judgment, Palin investigation is entertaining but holds no dramatic discoveries.”

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“Almost entirely skipping the well-known controversies and flubs that occurred during her campaign withJohn McCain, the movie focuses on nailing down the specifics of older scandals that would likely have kept McCain's team from picking her if they'd spent longer on vetting,” DeFore wrote. “What is left seems unlikely to move fans who love Palin's brand of conservatism and believe the media has it in for her. Many observers who don't share that view will be hopingYou Betcha remains as unnecessary in future election years as it feels today.”

See the film’s trailer below. Freestyle will distribute the film for a limited run beginning Sept. 30 in New York and Los Angeles.