Sarah Paulson Reveals Most Awkward 'American Horror Story' Scene (Video)

Sarah Paulson

Late-night shows also welcomed UFC fighter Jon Jones, who recently got into a very public brawl.

Sarah Paulson says shooting FX's American Horror Story can get really weird, really fast. But nothing compares to having to breastfeed co-star Zachary Quinto.

"And your parents are watching," she told Seth Meyers.

"I sometimes get a voicemail that will be like, 'That was really ... I mean ...' and he doesn't know what else to say."

Earlier on ABC, UFC champion Jon Jones spoke out about a much-publicized (out of the ring) fight with opponent Daniel Cormier at a Las Vegas press conference.

"He karate chops me in the neck and I can't let that happen being a champion. I have to stand my ground," Jones told Jimmy Kimmel. His explanation for the beef? Jones claimed Cormier was upset that he didn't realize he was an Olympic wrestler (he came in fourth in the 2004 Games).

"He was upset that I didn't respect his ribbon, and now we are enemies," Jones said.

And in case you were wondering, Chloe Grace Moretz may have movie money, but she still asks her big brother for money.