Sarah Paulson Would Like to Be Buried in This Red-Carpet Gown

It's a dress that will make anyone go green with envy.

Sarah Paulson has hit the red carpet in a number of memorable ensembles, but if she had to choose just one to wear for the rest of her life, it would be a gown that landed her on a number of best-dressed lists last year.

"It might be the green Prada Emmy dress I wore. I would like to be buried in it. I'd like to walk to the Gelson's in it. I'd like to go to the movies in it," says the American Crime Story star, who played a round of "Fishing for Answers" with Ruth Negga and their stylist, Karla Welch.

When posed with the question "Who is your style icon?" Paulson and Negga both answered almost simultaneously: "Karla Welch." In addition to being a celebrated fashion figure among her two best-dressed clients, Welch also took the top spot on THR's 25 Most Powerful Stylists list this year.

Watch the video above to see the trio discuss their go-to theater snacks, favorite movies and their preferred Hepburn (Audrey or Katharine?).

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