Sarah Polley Pregnant With First Child

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

The Canadian actress is expecting a child with husband David Sandomierski ahead of a world premiere for her second film, the Seth Rogen and Michelle Williams-starring drama "Take This Waltz," at the Toronto International Film Festival.

TORONTO -- That glow from Sarah Polley as she premieres Take This Waltz at the Toronto International Film Festival this week is the real deal.

The Canadian actress-turned-director is 3 ½ months pregnant, with her first child.

Nerves from readying her Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen-starring dramedy about infidelity for a Saturday night bow at Roy Thomson Hall is helping take her mind off of pending motherhood.

“It’s always thrilling for the first audience that you have for your film a really big festival audience,” Polley said Wednesday, recalling her first film, 2006’s Away From Her, also debuted in Toronto.

Away From Her received an Oscar nomination for best adapted screenplay.

Polley is flying by the seat of her pants for Take This Waltz, having avoided any test-screening before its TIFF bow.

“Every film I’ve been in that’s been test-screened, I’ve seen the film get progressively worse with each cut,” she said.

Polley argued the quirks of movies, or content that could offend, and which is stripped out during the test-screening process, are what ultimately interests her as a filmmaker and viewer.

"I can’t imagine how Bergman films would have test-screened. There would have been too much that wasn’t clear,” she said.