Sarah Silverman, Adam Carolla Launching YouTube Channels With Veteran Comedy Producer (Exclusive)

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Michael Cera, Tim & Eric and Reggie Watts partner with Silverman to provide content to Daniel Kellison's new production company HaChaCha.

Producers best known for their work with David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel are set to announce Monday they are creating a couple of YouTube channels with partners that include Sarah Silverman, Adam Carolla and others.

The two channels, one called Jash and the other called Video Podcast Network, will come from HaChaCha, a newly formed production company co-founded by Daniel Kellison, who co-created The Man Show, was the original producer of Jimmy Kimmel Live and was a producer of Late Night With David Letterman and The Late Show With David Letterman.

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HaChaCha also includes as partners Doug DeLuca, a HaChaCha co-founder who is also co-executive producer of Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Mickey Meyer, who worked in production on The West Wing and Breaking Bad and now produces online shows. HaChaCha also partnered with Fullscreen, which runs a global network of YouTube Channels.

HaChaCha will split the money it makes with the talent who appear on the two channels, in “sort of a United Artists approach,” said Kellison.

YouTube has been bankrolling dozens of new channels, putting money into them up front, getting paid back from the ad revenue they generate then taking a percentage of the profit thereafter. HaChaCha didn’t disclose how much money YouTube put forth, but the leader in Internet video generally does not invest more than $500,000 in one of its partnership channels.

“They’ve given us ample money to seed this,” Kellison said. “I would say they were very generous, in fact.”

The channels from HaChaCha are two of more than a dozen new ones that YouTube is expected to announce Monday at MIPCOM.

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HaChaCha’s Video Podcast Network and Jash are expected to launch in January. Jash is described as a “comedy collective” that will feature content from Silverman as well as Michael Cera, Tim & Eric and Reggie Watts.

"We are all super excited to be able to have this cyber playground where we can make stuff with our friends," said Silverman. "And also, I'm pretty."

Video Podcast Network consists of video versions of podcasts with the first to sign on being Carolla, who already boasts the most popular podcast on the Internet with some 350,000 downloads per day.

“Being able to watch shows like mine on Video Podcast Network is the next step in the traditional network model’s march to irrelevance,” Carolla said.

Added Kellison: “With the growing popularity of smart TVs, it’s inevitable that you will soon be watching all your shows as simply as you select apps from your smart phones."