Sarah Silverman Opts for Sex Change in NSFW Wage-Gap Ad

Sarah Silverman National Womens Law Center - H 2014

"I'm becoming a dude," she declares in her Equal Payback Project ad

Sarah Silverman might not have landed on the most practical solution for increasing her income. 

The comedian and actress stars in an ad for the Equal Payback Project that aims to shed light on the gender wage gap. The campaign also calls for donations through crowdfunding site Tilt to further the National Women's Law Center in its fight for equal-pay legislation. 

After pointing out that women make 78 cents to each dollar earned by a man, Silverman decides to take matters into her own hands by getting a sex-change operation.

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The satirical video isn't exactly work-friendly, as Silverman uses some rather graphic visual aids to punctuate her points. It's also safe to say you'll never think of the show Rizzoli & Isles in the same way again. 

But not everyone finds the clip funny. The ad has been blasted as transphobic on Twitter, with critics arguing that Silverman uses trans people as a punchline. 

Watch the video below.

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