Sarah Silverman Takes on Voter Fraud Measures in Potty-Mouthed PSA (Video)

It's a very funny -- and very dirty -- message warning citizens susceptible to voter suppression.

Sarah Silverman is determined to get out the vote, and has produced a very funny -- and very dirty -- informational video to do so. 

"Hey black people, old people, poor people and students," the comedian says. "Lawmakers are trying to f--- you in your a--holes."

Silverman then goes about explaining how certain "voter fraud"-targeting reforms championed by the Republican party are actually implemented to make it harder for potential Obama voters to get to the polls.

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At one point, Silverman holds up a board on which Rep. Mike Turzai, a Republican state senator from Pennsylvania, openly states that "voter identification law would allow Gov. [Mitt] Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania" in the presidential election. The remarks, made on June 23 at a meeting of the Republican State Committee, have drawn widespread criticism for essentially outing the strategy.

Silverman also points out that while some student I.D.s are no longer acceptable because of the legislation, gun owners can use their firearm permits to vote. 

"Get these kids gun permits!" Silverman jokes. "I feel safer already."

But Silverman's message is deadly serious: "By taking that step to make sure you have the proper I.D. to vote, you'll be making your voice heard," she says.

"And more importantly," she adds, "you'll be telling those f---ing motherf---ers to go f--- themselves."