Sarah Silverman's Father to Rabbi: 'Take Your False God... And Shove It Up Your Ass'

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One of the two channels from HaChaCha is called Jash, described as a “comedy collective” with content largely from Sarah Silverman (pictured), Michael Cera, Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim and Reggie Watts.

Following an Orthodox rabbi's open letter to his daughter, Donald Silverman responded, "You don't f--- with my family."

Like father, like daughter.

Sarah Silverman, who has used her caustic comedy to promote reproductive rights and encourage active voting, was the subject of a stinging open letter by an Orthodox rabbi named Yaakov Rosenblatt last week. Published in the Jewish Press, Rosenblatt criticized Silverman for her choice to not marry or have children -- it is "not in the cards for you because you can’t focus on building life when you spend your days and nights tearing it down," he said -- and her embrace of Jewish culture in much of her comedy.

"Nothing is holy; in your world, nothing is permanent," Rosenblatt wrote. "Your ideology is secular. Your culture may be Jewish, but your mind is not."

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A few days later, Sarah's father, Donald Silverman, responded with a fierce vengance in the comment section of the site.

Calling Rosenblatt a "Rabbi idiot," Silverman said, "Take your false god and shove god up your judgmental ass. Check your wonderful bible and learn about your cruel god from a book you believe in literally."

Then, in response to a commenter who called Silverman's family "godless freaks" espousing "tired, debunked, simplistic biblical criticism," Silverman mounted a spirited defense of his brood and their accomplishments.

"Hey asshole: Daughter #1 is a rabbi. Not by your standards. She's reform," Silverman wrote. "How dare she, a lowly woman think god wants her to be a rabbi, created from a mere rib. Her hubby, three times nominated for a nobel peace prize was listed by the Jerusalem Post as the 49th most influential jew in the world built the worlds largest solar field in israel. By the way, Sarah was also on the list. I missed your name. Oldest granddaughter is serving in the Israel Defense Forces. I'm sure you also served.Oh I forgot the orthodox don't do that. You don't f--- with my family."

From there, the comment thread hosted a spirited debate between both supporters of the rabbi and Silverman.

One commenter backing Silverman wrote to the rabbi, "Your position is intolerant, hostile and lacks the sensitivity demanded of us by Torah. You are using your narrow selected reading of Jewish texts to support an ideology that wants the poor to remain poor, the powerful and wealthy to remain as such, and he stranger to be ostracized. Lest you forget, Sarah Silverman, and liberals are like you, children of Adam--created in the image of HaShem."

Watch the video to which the rabbi was responding below: