Sarkozy's son is hip-hop producer


PARIS -- It was rumored for some time but seems finally to have been confirmed: Pierre Sarkozy, the French president's eldest son, 22, is a hip-hop producer.

Parisian rapper "Poison" told hip hop radio Generations 88.2 in an interview last week that Pierre Sarkozy, also known as "Mosey," had composed "La Rue," one of the titles on his upcoming album "Mec de Tess" (city guy), the daily Liberation reported on Monday.

"Hey, I'm Mosey, a young Parisian producer, with my crew: Da Crime Chantilly we produced hip hop, soul and rnb beatz."

That's how "Mosey" -- which means to amble along -- describes himself on the MySpace page of his label: Da Crime Chantilly.

Pierre Sarkozy is one of President Nicolas Sarkozy's two sons from his first marriage to Marie-Dominique Culioli.

"I have known him for five years," "Poison" was quoted as saying. "I met him at a party. When I heard (who he was), I lost it, I called him. He told me: 'Poison, I did not want to tell you, you would not have wanted to hang out with me.' "

During his time as interior minister, Sarkozy initiated cases against French rappers such as Mohamed Bourokba, better known as "Hame" from the group La Rumeur, for defaming the police. Sarkozy is also known for his tough approach to curbing violence in the suburbs.