'Saru Lock' film set for February

NTV drama gets big screen launch after series finale

TOKYO – The big screen version of NTV drama series "Saru Lock" is scheduled to open on February 27 next year, just four months after the final episode was broadcast on the small screen.
The filming of the movie, to star much of the original cast -- including Hayato Ichihara as “Saru” the genius lock-picker -- began at the end of September, while the TV series was still airing. NTV had planned the movie adaptation before the drama -- taken from a Naoki Serizawa manga -- had hit the small screen.
Tetsu Maeda (“School Days with a Pig”), better known as a movie director, was brought in to helm both projects.
New cast members include Manami Higa, playing a woman who gets Saru to use his skills on a bank safe.
The manga-TV drama-movie formula is proving a big winner for the TV stations in the current challenging environment.