Sat TV set for surge in Europe

From $1.9 mil in 2007 to $3.27 bil in 2014, report says

BRUSSELS -- Mobile satellite TV in Europe is poised to surge from $1.9 million in 2007 to $3.27 billion in 2014, but it still faces obstacles over transmission and distribution of services, according to a report by market research group Frost & Sullivan.

The report says a hybrid network platform would help solve issues with reception in urban and rural areas, as well as indoor and outdoor locations. Alternatively, operators could consider using satellite backhaul for the distribution of mobile TV.

"As mobile TV services continue to grow across Europe, customers and operators require a reliable and pervasive service coverage, which can transmit high-quality, dedicated programs," said Frost & Sullivan analyst Natalie Bentz. "The distribution and transmission by satellite, through the hybrid network or backhaul, will both greatly contribute to the success of mobile TV by providing what the industry and the customers ask for."