'Saturday Night Live': Bill Hader Details Origins of 'The Californians'

The parody soap opera about Los Angeles natives obsessed with avocados and the PCH started out as a casual bit between castmembers.

During a sit-down with fellow alum Dana Carvey for the The Hollywood Reporter's Saturday Night Live reunion issue, Bill Hader explained how the parody soap opera of the West Coasters overly concerned with Los Angeles traffic patterns came to be.

The recurring sketch was just a casual bit that he and fellow castmember Fred Armisen would do when recounting their trips to L.A. "You would just explain how you got places," says Hader. Years later, Armisen told his co-star that he wrote a sketch based on those characters.

But we have Carvey to thank for those exaggerated Southern Californian accents. Hader says that they used Carvey's impersonation of his son for their character's voices.

"Basically that whole sketch is us doing Dana's impersonation."