'The Bachelorette' Applauds Its Own Diversity in Cut 'SNL' Sketch: "We Freakin' Did It"

"One charming and accomplished lawyer and 25 hot dummies," reads the faux promo in the 'Saturday Night Live' bit.

"Bachelor Nation has never been more inclusive..."

Saturday Night Live has unveiled a sketch that was cut for time during the Chris Pine-hosted episode on May 6, which features ABC's upcoming season of The Bachelorette, starring the first-ever black Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay.

"One charming and accomplished lawyer and 25 hot dummies," announces the narrator. "After five years of extensive meetings and focus groups, we are going for it." 

Rachel (Sasheer Zamata) meets the men as they exit the limo, just as in the real show, but things take a turn when they try to make conversation, assuring her they've dated black girls before and reviewing Get Out by "that guy Key and Peele." 

Pine's character tries a bit too hard to relate to her: "Hey, soul sister," he starts unsuccessfully. "You know, we both have something in common. We are both systematically oppressed. White males are the new minority..."

Ahead of the new season, which premieres May 22, the real Rachel met three of her contestants during the finale of the last cycle of The Bachelor — a likely inspiration for the SNL bit.

Watch the sketch below.