Racy 'Savages' Trailer Features Blake Lively and Her Two Beaus Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson (Video)

John Travolta and Salma Hayek also star in Oliver Stone's latest -- a glossy thriller about two drug dealers fighting against the Mexican drug cartel that kidnapped their shared girlfriend.

After four epic, politically-driven films, Oliver Stone switches gears with Savages, a decidedly more visceral story about two drug dealers who face off against a Mexican drug cartel after their shared girlfriend is kidnapped. In the film’s first trailer, which premiered Thursday on MTV, O (Blake Lively) offers a promising introduction to the film’s serpentine narrative: “Just because I’m telling you this story doesn’t mean that I’m alive at the end of it.”

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Savages stars Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch as (respectively) Ben and Chon, two drug dealers who eke out a comfortable if modest living in Laguna Beach. But after they refuse a partnership with a drug cartel interested in their turf, boss Elena (Salma Hayek) sends her henchmen to kidnap O. Despite the protestations of a Federal agent named Dennis (John Travolta) who’s been protecting them from the law, Ben and Chon decide to fight back against the cartel, unleashing an all-out war.

Watch the clip below:

Savages arrives in theaters nationwide July 6, 2012.