Savannah Guthrie Spends Only Three Hours a Day in Her "Sassy" Office

THR Savannah Guthrie - P 2015
Dustin Cohen

THR Savannah Guthrie - P 2015

"I love my office, but I'm successful if I'm not in it too much," the 'Today' anchor says of the workspace she designed as she gives THR an up-close look for its New York Issue.

This story first appeared in the April 24 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

While Savannah Guthrie rises at 3 a.m., she doesn't hit her "sassy" office until 9:30, after the show has aired. "I love my office, but I'm successful if I'm not in it too much," says the anchor of the workspace where she spends a total of three hours daily for editorial meetings, email ("How many of them do I actually read? I would say 30 to 50 a day") and browsing "The Times, Politico, a blog called Above the Law and The Onion."

Adjoining anchor Matt Lauer's, her office is the first she designed herself: "I tried to make it light and pretty with some personality." Among the most prized items are photos of her 7-month-old daughter, Vale, the first child for the Tribeca resident and her husband, political consultant Michael Feldman; and a re-creation of The Beatles' Abbey Road album cover with Guthrie, 43, in a white suit, a la John Lennon. "We get to do so many fun and crazy things here," she says. Less crazy are the law books she has had since graduating magna cum laude from Georgetown Law. "I still keep them just in case."

A promotional box of Cheerios with Guthrie’s name on it sits with family portraits, NBC chimes and a photo of the first time she interviewed President Obama.

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